Arvensys All Hands Meet 2017

Business should be a force for good especially for the company’s most valuable asset, its people! This is the way we have always worked at Arvensys. While it’s a viewpoint we’ve valued for more than 10 years, it’s never rang more true than right now. In recognition of the wonderful achievements achieved here at Arvensys we were invited for the exciting ‘All Hands Meet’ at River Canyon Restaurant on Friday night (20th October 2017).

Sesi Kolikonda, Director of Arvensys

Little did Sesi know that ten years ago when he set up his fledgling product Development Company that Arvensys would evolve into the dynamic IT Company it is today.  The opportunities and remarkable growth in just ten years have all been built upon the innovation and hard work of each and everyone of you here at Arvensys and as such, Friday night was all about you. We hope you enjoyed the evening.